Shortly after Amanda's parents began wondering when their child would finally begin speaking, they were surprised that somehow, at her early age, she had decided to wait until she had a complete understanding of the language; her first communications were complete sentences, in perfect syntax!

This bright outlook, and love of clear and complete communication and connection, have informed her work and her choices. Surrounded by music in her home (her mother and father are professional studio musicians in Los Angeles), she has followed her musical passions by championing whatever music she finds interesting and soulful. Through her parents, she became aware of a number of artists who had been popular in their generation, such as the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Steely Dan, and she did not hesitate to become a fan, learning lyrics and melodies from each album of their careers. Having become an avid swing dancer she has developed a love and knowledge of a genre and culture that take her awareness of popular music back yet another generation. All the while, of course, she's been immersed in the music of her generation, following the careers of her favorites, sometimes even tracking their progress on the Billboard charts. (Amanda is a singer too; she was a soprano in the Marlborough Chamber Singers during her high school years, singing classical music of all eras.) The diversity of her interests has given Amanda Parks a musical perspective of uncommon breadth and depth.

In high school, Amanda took a course in photography, and soon began enjoying this new playground. Fortunate to be in a school which offered such extensive courses in the subject, she took every class available. With the strong encouragement of her teacher, she decided to learn more, and searched for colleges with a strong photography department. The University of Arizona seemed to be a good choice... This is the home of extensive photographic archives, including those of Richard Avedon and Ansel Adams. However, after one year at U of A, Amanda wanted more photography... MUCH more. She chose to transfer to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, and began an intensive three years of hands-on picture making, learning by doing from those who have done it all. While there, she grasped technique after technique of traditional lighting, photography, and design, as well as digital photography; in fact, having owned computers much of her life, she found that an easy understanding of the possibilities and limitations of photography in the digital domain comes naturally to her. She excelled at Brooks and was graded accordingly, achieving six terms on the honor roll.

As Amanda has met recording and performing artists, her abilities as a photographer have led to the display of her work on numerous web sites, as well as in the hallways of Oceanway Studios in Hollywood. And after shooting 15 Steely Dan concerts across America in the summer of 2000, a photo of hers was chosen by Guitar Player Magazine, appearing as a 3/4 page opening shot for the article on Walter Becker. And in spring of 2001, veteran rock photographer Jim Marshall honored Amanda by trading her a vintage print of her choice for some prints of her own recent work.

Amanda's desire is to combine her passions for music and photography. It is quite clear that she's already begun!


Print (photography):

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Ongoing, November 2004 to present

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November 2004

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March 2004

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Pete Munday
"Hoopla Jimmy" album cover and interior
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Ongoing, October 2002 to present

Carol Parks
"Stars" album cover and interior
December 2001

Guitar Player Magazine
"Play It Right: Jack of Speed Solo Transcription" photo
September 2001

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