Amanda's Work on the Web
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Official Steely Dan Web Site -- 2000 Tour Personnel Page

Music Connection Magazine -- Look for photos now and then in the "Mixed Notes" section

Jon Herington Web Site -- Images throughout site

Cynthia Calhoun Web Site -- Featured in Gallery section

Pete Munday Web Site -- Featured in Photo Gallery section

Carol Parks Web Site -- Front page photo

Andy Metzger's Steely Dan Site -- Images throughout site

Crosby Loggins Web Site*-- Main navigation photo, several shots in gallery

CA Guitars* -- Photos of Dean Parks in Artist Spotlight


Friends, Colleagues, Clients
see above... also:

Tobin Rogers -- Fellow Brooks alum, Stock and fine art photography

Sherry Barnett -- Fellow music biz photographer, extensive portfolio from 1970 to now, and did my portrait to boot!

Jim Marshall -- THE rock photographer!

Andy Brauer -- Cartage and Studio Equipment Rentals, ongoing photography/design client